Friday, March 7, 2014

Leak Part Two: Sam Comfort

This is a picture of the bucket next to my roommates bed that housing addressed to us that would solve our leaking roof problem. The bucket has been collecting water from the roof for the past 3 weeks.

Leak Part One: Sam Comfort

I live on the fourth floor at sweet, so the snow on the roof is right above me. Since spring is on its way snow started to melt and leak into my room. This is a picture of a scotch tape patch my roommate and I put over the leak in our room. My roommates and I addressed the problem to housing and they told us to put a bucket under the leak...

Free TV: Sam Comfort

Having access to cable is a nice luxury to have in the halls, but I rarely watch it due to the fact I only have 20 channels and only 3 are worth watching. Most of the other residents have up to 80 channels

Sweet Hall Elevator: Troy Derek

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 Although it's convenient to use the elevator seeing Soco is on the 4th floor, it makes me nervous how it hasn't been inspected in over a year.

4th Floor Lounge at Sweet Hall: Troy Derek

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 Probably the worst common room around. Most of the time the cushions aren't even in sight of the common room. Other times they are but with food on them. Sweet hall is chill...
Samuel Comfort and Troy Derek